Friday finds 13/07/12

We hope you have enjoyed reading our first week of posts as much we have enjoyed putting it together for you. We have another week of posts, filled with beautiful items for all the family lined up for next week but in the mean time here are a few bits and pieces we have found around the web that we thought you might enjoy.

1. If you enjoyed our feature on teepees on Wednesday we’ve just discovered the most affordable and stylish teepee from Cath Kidson. Cowboy teepee tent, £50 (sale price).

2. Can nursing bras be sexy?, All baby advice and more… finds out.

3. Frugal and fun e-book. Packed with activities to keep your 5-10 year olds busy over the summer holidays. Read an extract from the Daily mirror here.

4. Rainbow rain cloud mobile, £20, Stamp and stitch (handmade in the UK, available through etsy)

Tips on flying with toddlers from parenting expert, Sue Atkins.

The mindful mum shares ten top tips for travelling whilst pregnant.

Professional photographer Jodie Brennan, shares some really useful tips on photographing your babies and toddlers.

Why those first few months with a newborn should be thought of as the fourth trimester.

Purple mum shares how breastfeeding mums in Bristol defended their right to breastfeed in public.

Mothergeek talks honestly about how she isn’t enjoying breastfeeding.

Why we should enjoy the rain!

Looking for gift ideas for your children’s teachers? look no further than Jam and clotted creams, quick chocolate fudge recipe.

Just for fun, Sesame street, share it maybe video.

Don’t forget we would love to hear your feedback on this weeks posts, either leave a comment on the blog, email us or interact with us on twitter on our facebook page. We would also like to hear from you if you have a nursery or children’s bedroom worth sharing, if you are a photographer with a photo shoot you would like to share on the blog or if you are a UK designer/brand/handmade artist that has products aimed at families.



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