Chocovenyl – fabric wall stickers

Chocovenyl produce PVC free, fabric, movable wall stickers, perfect for decorating the walls of your nursery or children’s room. We love the fact that these stickers are easily applied and removed and can be moved around as much as you like. All designs are printed on PVC fabric paper, are very thin (so the design is flat with the wall) and have a matt finish. They are suitable for walls, doors, mirrors and furniture. They are so flexible they can be applied around corners or other poles etc and they leave no residue when they are removed. Most designs come in 3 sizes so you can create a small design or a full wall mural. We love the flexiblity of the multiple sizes so you can tailor the size to your budget or room.

There is a wide range of designs available suitable for boys and girls, by a range of talented designers including a few based here in the UK (Jillian Phillips, Belle and Boo and Chocovenyl’s own designs).Some designs are educational, others are just for fun. Some designs are modern and some are vintage. There really is something suitable for every child and parent. A few of our favorite designs are shown here but to see many more go visit there website.


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