Back to school essentials – lunch boxes

The new term is fast approaching so with this in mind we thought we would find you some of those essential items. Below are our favorite lunch boxes and bags available to buy right now. We have tried to cover a range of tastes, ages and budgets.  If you are looking for advice on packing healthy lunches, then take at look at change for life which includes suggestions for children from 5 years onwards. The school food trust also includes advice on packing healthy lunches for your children including suggestions for vegetarians, low cost and low effort lunch boxes. If you have any further suggestions for resources that might help other parents, please leave the details in the comments below.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Concentrate cooler bag, £13, John lewis (other designs/colours available, prices start at £10) 2. Concentrate Fruit Friendly Lunch Box, £10, John lewis 3. Cath Kidston footie lunch bag, £18, Cath kidston online. 4. Hana Blomst bento box, £18, Alex and Alexa (other desgns/colours available)

Clockwise from top left: 1 Aladdin Bento Kids Lunch Box Blue, £11, John lewis (alternative design in pink also available), 2. Goodbyn original lunchbox, £17.50, VUP (other colours available), 3. Cupcake lunch bag, £5, MatalanClockwise from top left: 1. Camper Van Lunch Bag & Bottle Set, £8, Matalan 2. Ava’s tea party lunch box, £9, Belle and Boo via Not on the high street 3. Dinosaur Lunch Bag, £10, John Lewis 4. The Gruffalo Tin Lunch Box, £9.95, John Lewis

Clockwise from top left: 1. Strawberry Lunch Bag & Bottle Set, £8, Matalan, 2. Skip Hop lunchie Zebra, £14, Boots, 3. Blafre Tin Lunch Box – Robot, £15.89, Amazon


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