An apology and an announcement

You may have noticed it’s been very quiet round here and for that I am sorry. It was never my intention not to blog for nearly two months but there is a good reason for it. When I started this blog I may have given the impression this blog was written by more than one person but the truth is this blog is written purely by me, Claire. Shortly after starting this blog I fell pregnant with my first baby and I had to put it on hold whilst I struggled through the first trimester of almost constant nausea and a complete lack of energy. Last week we had our 12 week scan and I am pleased to say everything is going well so far. I’m also getting the occasional good day (more energy and less nausea and I hope they increase in frequency soon) so I plan to try to get back in to blogging. I am still passionate about showcasing what Great Britain has to offer families and hope to continue many of the previous features, however I think it is unlikely I will be able to keep up 5 posts a week. In addition to the usual features, I hope to share my journey through pregnancy and in to motherhood. Sharing photos of my growing bump, my feelings and experiences and also reviewing products/books/services that I have benefitted from and think others will too. So while I work on my next post why not read this post by Pretty little baby on surviving the first three months (if you haven’t read it already), I really couldn’t have written it better myself.


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