Friday finds 25/1/13

This week has gone so fast again. We spent all last weekend snowed in decluttering the house (in particular the ‘junk room’ which needs to become the nursery) and i suspect the next couple will be very similar. I’ve been working on a few ideas for blog posts too so perhaps next week there maybe another post as well as ‘friday finds’. As ever I welcome your comments, either on the blog, facebook or twitter. Have a great weekend.

friday-finds-25-01-131. We decided to not find out the sex of the baby at our 20 week scan. We’d be happy with a boy of a girl but I’ve always said if we get a girl she would not be dressed head to toe in baby pink. I’m not usually a very girly girl myself so I was surprised to find that I loved this blanket the minute I saw it online this week. Pink poppy print, cotton baby blanket from Baker by Ted Baker.

2. I love baby and children’s items inspired by the books and tv shows around when I was a child.This week the blogs have been full of reviews of the new Gap babies range inspired by Peter Rabbit. See the full range for girls here and boys here.

3. Why have plain white muslins when you can have rainbow coloured ones? Faye and lou rainbow muslins.

4. Mothercare launched the new spring little bird range (by Jools Oliver). I love this retro print all in one and jersey toy.

I know I’ll be referring back to this post in a few months time – Getting out and about with a baby.

Although I don’t plan to have a c-section I still found this honest article really useful because you never know what might happen when it comes to child birth. Having a happy c-section.

The best and easiest flapjack recipe? Bye bye birdie thinks so and I can’t wait to give it a go.

A couple of articles have caught my eye as a someone who is soon to start maternity leave and become a mum for the first time – Can we have it all? & finding the confidence to go back to work.

Looking for inspiration for activities to do with your toddler? 30 things to do before you’re 3.


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