Pregnancy update – 30 weeks

IMG_4886I’m sure I’ve said it before but time is really flying by now. I can’t believe I have only two more weeks to work. I’m finishing part way through my 32nd week which I know is early but I saved flexi-time and annual leave so won’t officially be on maternity leave until 37 weeks which means I will still have plenty of time with the baby (I’m hoping to have the full 12 months off plus the 5 weeks annual leave I will accumulate during that time). Back when I started thinking about when to finish work, I was really struggling with nausea and tiredness that I thought would never end (it did pass eventually at about 24 weeks) and I was keen to finish early. Now though I’m doing really well, still waiting for the third trimester tiredness to return and wondering if I’ll be bored finishing so early. Realistically though we still have a big to do list before the baby arrives so I don’t think I’ll have time to get bored.

The biggest job on the to do list is still the babies nursery. The ‘junk/spare’ room is about 80% empty now but it is along way from being a nursery. We still have a lot to organise and buy which will be a lot easier once I can be home anytime for deliveries. I can’t wait to start making the room in to a nursery and doing all the finishing touches. After christmas I bought some wool and started crocheting a blanket for the baby. It really worked up fast and I have also started to make some soft toys for using the Japanese technique of amigurumi. The first one I finished is a super cute and colourful giraffe and I’m now working on a small teddy bear. I feel these items deserve a post of their own so hopefully you’ll be able to read more about them soon. I also have lots of other ideas in my head of things I would like to make for the nursery so watch this space.

Since my last update I had my 28 week midwife appointment that went really well. I was still measuring 26 weeks (the same as at my 25 week appointment) but it was a different midwife and she explained how inaccurate the measurements can be and did not seem worried. At the time I was reassured but as I have mentioned before everyone keeps telling me how small my bump is. Most of the time this doesn’t bother me but every now and again I have a little worry that maybe the baby isn’t growing or something. I have my 31 week appointment next week so hopefully that will reassure me. I also start my first antenatal class (we get 3 at my hospital, 2 day time and 1 evening tour of the maternity unit).

Babies kicks are definitely getting stronger and more frequent. I am still totally in awe of the fact that I have another life growing inside me. A tiny little baby that sometime in the next 3 months will be delivered into this world (still not really thinking about that bit) and will be totally dependent on me and my husband and change our lives so completely (something I have been longing for for some time now). Every time it moves or kicks it makes me smile (sometimes it even makes me giggle with some of the stranger feelings I experience). I could spend ages just lying down feeling and watching my baby move. My husband appreciates it too and we watched and felt the bump moving like crazy on saturday night. The baby was clearly punching and kicking at the same time very frequently making my bump move a lot. This happens every now and again but it was the first time my husband had witnessed it. At the time we were watching a DVD of Rhod Ghilbert live and I was laughing a lot. Whether this had anything to do with the baby going a bit crazy I don’t know.

This morning I had a lovely surprise when I discovered that Becky from The AR blog tweeted that she had nominated my blog in the MAD blog awards 2013. I was completely surprised that anyone was nominate my blog which has been so badly neglected (I often wonder if anyone is reading) and especially to be nominated by I blogger I admire as much as Becky, I’m sure you are familiar with the her fantastic blog but if not head over there now. Thank you once again Becky, you made my day! Have you nominated in the MADs yet? I plan to do so tonight, it’s so difficult just to pick one in each category.


Friday finds 08/02/13

Here are this weeks friday finds, a mixture of blog posts I have enjoyed this week and items I have spotted for babies and young children. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together and as ever I welcome your comments, either on the blog, facebook or twitter.


1. I love wooden toys and when I was doing the weekly shop this morning I discovered sainsburys stocked a colourful and affordable range of wooden toys as part of their grow and play range (currently 1/3 off as well). These Colourful building blocks, caught my eye but apparently they are only suitable from 3 years old so I resisted buying these and bought these fabric touch and feel discovery blocks instead (suitable from 6 months).

2. Yesterday as part of one of the baby clubs I joined I received a surprise parcel in the post. It contained a small sample bottle of Boo Boo mummy splendidly smoothing bath soak. I searched the internet to find out more about this product range which I discovered is a UK company making and selling natural skin care for women and babies. It was the baby range that caught my eye including this new baby gift set. Before I was pregnant I never thought about the ingredients in skin care but now I’m looking for baby products I find myself reading the ingredients lists more and more.

3. Belle and Boo and the yummy scrummy day. A new book from the fabulous Belle and Boo.

4. Love these fitted cotbed sheets from mothercare. Such a colourful change from plain sheets.

5. A bright and modern take on the moses basket, designed and manufactured here in the UK, whats not to like? Moba the contemporary moses basket.

A gentle reminder to step in front of the camera and be photographed with our little ones from I carried a watermelon.

Lovely idea to create a nature trail for toddlers and if you are looking for indoor activities how about spaghetti messy play.

More beautiful free printables from bye bye birdie, this time for valentine’s day.

Fun way to help your child with writing – painting with mud.

20 ways to stay sane as a working mum.

Friday finds 01/02/13

I can’t believe it’s February already, where has January gone? Here are a few things that I have enjoyed reading this week. As ever I welcome your comments, either on the blog, facebook or twitter. Have a great weekend.


1. I love Lamaze toys, I’m trying to resist buying toys until baby is here but after that I’m sure I’ll find it hard to resist buying a lamaze toy or two for our little one.

2. This week I bought my changing bag. I chose one from London based company babymel. I picked the big slouchy as it is a good size and is wipe clean inside and out which I’m sure will be useful. It arrived earlier in the week and instantly loved it. I can’t wait to fill it and start using it once baby arrives.

3. Love this doggy hoody for baby boys and it’s only £5 from sainsburys.

4. Love this baby blanket from John Lewis and it’s a very affordable £16. It would go perfectly with our red pram and car seat. My husband jokes this baby is going to be an angry baby due to the amount of red surrounding it! I hope not but I love red and it is unisex too.

5. This week I spotted this flowery dress from one of my favorite maternity collections ASOS.

How many of us can relate to the sad feeling that we have lots of photos of our family but we are usually the one behind the camera? That’s why a group of bloggers have set themselves the challenge of taking one family portrait a month. The project (me and mine) was started by dear beautiful boy. It’s also a blog hop so head over to me and mine at dear beautiful boy and add your family portrait.

A useful article on getting back in shape post baby from Mama UK.

Another baking recipe for you this week – snapjacks honeycomb crunch squares – yum!

Talking of food, on to baby discuss the two main types of baby weaning and recommend their favorite book for each.

Both myself and my husband are book lovers so we hope the baby inherits this from us (yes we have bought books for it already, I love children’s books). I love this great idea for creating book displays each week to interest your child in different books from bye bye birdie and here you can download her free printable pants bunting if you want to create a book display before you start potty training.

The 10 rules of childbirth from a dads perspective – I’ll be pointing my husband in the direction of this one.

Tips on how to cope with birth trauma.

Great article on sleep expectations for babies and the importance of acceptance.

This week the government announced plans to make childcare cheaper partly by lowering the ratio of staff to children. Many bloggers have shared their views on this. More than a mum’s post caught my eye as it presents both sides of the argument.