Friday finds 01/02/13

I can’t believe it’s February already, where has January gone? Here are a few things that I have enjoyed reading this week. As ever I welcome your comments, either on the blog, facebook or twitter. Have a great weekend.


1. I love Lamaze toys, I’m trying to resist buying toys until baby is here but after that I’m sure I’ll find it hard to resist buying a lamaze toy or two for our little one.

2. This week I bought my changing bag. I chose one from London based company babymel. I picked the big slouchy as it is a good size and is wipe clean inside and out which I’m sure will be useful. It arrived earlier in the week and instantly loved it. I can’t wait to fill it and start using it once baby arrives.

3. Love this doggy hoody for baby boys and it’s only £5 from sainsburys.

4. Love this baby blanket from John Lewis and it’s a very affordable £16. It would go perfectly with our red pram and car seat. My husband jokes this baby is going to be an angry baby due to the amount of red surrounding it! I hope not but I love red and it is unisex too.

5. This week I spotted this flowery dress from one of my favorite maternity collections ASOS.

How many of us can relate to the sad feeling that we have lots of photos of our family but we are usually the one behind the camera? That’s why a group of bloggers have set themselves the challenge of taking one family portrait a month. The project (me and mine) was started by dear beautiful boy. It’s also a blog hop so head over to me and mine at dear beautiful boy and add your family portrait.

A useful article on getting back in shape post baby from Mama UK.

Another baking recipe for you this week – snapjacks honeycomb crunch squares – yum!

Talking of food, on to baby discuss the two main types of baby weaning and recommend their favorite book for each.

Both myself and my husband are book lovers so we hope the baby inherits this from us (yes we have bought books for it already, I love children’s books). I love this great idea for creating book displays each week to interest your child in different books from bye bye birdie and here you can download her free printable pants bunting if you want to create a book display before you start potty training.

The 10 rules of childbirth from a dads perspective – I’ll be pointing my husband in the direction of this one.

Tips on how to cope with birth trauma.

Great article on sleep expectations for babies and the importance of acceptance.

This week the government announced plans to make childcare cheaper partly by lowering the ratio of staff to children. Many bloggers have shared their views on this. More than a mum’s post caught my eye as it presents both sides of the argument.


3 thoughts on “Friday finds 01/02/13

  1. What nice finds (as usual!), but I don’t understand why you say the little dog top is for boys? Do baby girls not like dogs, warm sensible tops or stripes, or are they only supposed to wear frilly pink and flowers?

    • Thank you for visiting and I am glad you liked the finds.

      The reason I said the top was for boys is that it was in the boys section of the website. I think I mentioned last week, if we have a girl she won’t be living in pink frilly outfits. I agree little girls like dogs/stripes too. Personally though I’m not a massive fan of brown for girls but I do agree that they don’t have to wear pink all the time.

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