Friday finds 08/02/13

Here are this weeks friday finds, a mixture of blog posts I have enjoyed this week and items I have spotted for babies and young children. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together and as ever I welcome your comments, either on the blog, facebook or twitter.


1. I love wooden toys and when I was doing the weekly shop this morning I discovered sainsburys stocked a colourful and affordable range of wooden toys as part of their grow and play range (currently 1/3 off as well). These Colourful building blocks, caught my eye but apparently they are only suitable from 3 years old so I resisted buying these and bought these fabric touch and feel discovery blocks instead (suitable from 6 months).

2. Yesterday as part of one of the baby clubs I joined I received a surprise parcel in the post. It contained a small sample bottle of Boo Boo mummy splendidly smoothing bath soak. I searched the internet to find out more about this product range which I discovered is a UK company making and selling natural skin care for women and babies. It was the baby range that caught my eye including this new baby gift set. Before I was pregnant I never thought about the ingredients in skin care but now I’m looking for baby products I find myself reading the ingredients lists more and more.

3. Belle and Boo and the yummy scrummy day. A new book from the fabulous Belle and Boo.

4. Love these fitted cotbed sheets from mothercare. Such a colourful change from plain sheets.

5. A bright and modern take on the moses basket, designed and manufactured here in the UK, whats not to like? Moba the contemporary moses basket.

A gentle reminder to step in front of the camera and be photographed with our little ones from I carried a watermelon.

Lovely idea to create a nature trail for toddlers and if you are looking for indoor activities how about spaghetti messy play.

More beautiful free printables from bye bye birdie, this time for valentine’s day.

Fun way to help your child with writing – painting with mud.

20 ways to stay sane as a working mum.


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