Pregnancy update – 30 weeks

IMG_4886I’m sure I’ve said it before but time is really flying by now. I can’t believe I have only two more weeks to work. I’m finishing part way through my 32nd week which I know is early but I saved flexi-time and annual leave so won’t officially be on maternity leave until 37 weeks which means I will still have plenty of time with the baby (I’m hoping to have the full 12 months off plus the 5 weeks annual leave I will accumulate during that time). Back when I started thinking about when to finish work, I was really struggling with nausea and tiredness that I thought would never end (it did pass eventually at about 24 weeks) and I was keen to finish early. Now though I’m doing really well, still waiting for the third trimester tiredness to return and wondering if I’ll be bored finishing so early. Realistically though we still have a big to do list before the baby arrives so I don’t think I’ll have time to get bored.

The biggest job on the to do list is still the babies nursery. The ‘junk/spare’ room is about 80% empty now but it is along way from being a nursery. We still have a lot to organise and buy which will be a lot easier once I can be home anytime for deliveries. I can’t wait to start making the room in to a nursery and doing all the finishing touches. After christmas I bought some wool and started crocheting a blanket for the baby. It really worked up fast and I have also started to make some soft toys for using the Japanese technique of amigurumi. The first one I finished is a super cute and colourful giraffe and I’m now working on a small teddy bear. I feel these items deserve a post of their own so hopefully you’ll be able to read more about them soon. I also have lots of other ideas in my head of things I would like to make for the nursery so watch this space.

Since my last update I had my 28 week midwife appointment that went really well. I was still measuring 26 weeks (the same as at my 25 week appointment) but it was a different midwife and she explained how inaccurate the measurements can be and did not seem worried. At the time I was reassured but as I have mentioned before everyone keeps telling me how small my bump is. Most of the time this doesn’t bother me but every now and again I have a little worry that maybe the baby isn’t growing or something. I have my 31 week appointment next week so hopefully that will reassure me. I also start my first antenatal class (we get 3 at my hospital, 2 day time and 1 evening tour of the maternity unit).

Babies kicks are definitely getting stronger and more frequent. I am still totally in awe of the fact that I have another life growing inside me. A tiny little baby that sometime in the next 3 months will be delivered into this world (still not really thinking about that bit) and will be totally dependent on me and my husband and change our lives so completely (something I have been longing for for some time now). Every time it moves or kicks it makes me smile (sometimes it even makes me giggle with some of the stranger feelings I experience). I could spend ages just lying down feeling and watching my baby move. My husband appreciates it too and we watched and felt the bump moving like crazy on saturday night. The baby was clearly punching and kicking at the same time very frequently making my bump move a lot. This happens every now and again but it was the first time my husband had witnessed it. At the time we were watching a DVD of Rhod Ghilbert live and I was laughing a lot. Whether this had anything to do with the baby going a bit crazy I don’t know.

This morning I had a lovely surprise when I discovered that Becky from The AR blog tweeted that she had nominated my blog in the MAD blog awards 2013. I was completely surprised that anyone was nominate my blog which has been so badly neglected (I often wonder if anyone is reading) and especially to be nominated by I blogger I admire as much as Becky, I’m sure you are familiar with the her fantastic blog but if not head over there now. Thank you once again Becky, you made my day! Have you nominated in the MADs yet? I plan to do so tonight, it’s so difficult just to pick one in each category.


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