Pregnancy update 37 weeks

008I’ve been off work now over a month yet this is my only update since 30 weeks (at the rate I am writing these updates it could well be my last pregnancy update). I’m 37 weeks pregnant so realistically baby could come any time now however I suspect I will go overdue. Since my 30 week update I have finished work, attended NHS antenatal classes, almost finished the nursery and set about spring cleaning the house.

During my first week off work I struggled with a virus and almost completely lost my voice. Morning sickness seems to have returned along with the occasional attack of dizziness and the indigestion has worsened.So although I finished work early (32 weeks) and worried I would be bored, I am glad I saved some annual leave and finished this early. My energy most of the time is still good (bad days are usually down to the occasional bad nights sleep). I feel for 37 weeks I am coping pretty well and as such have been keeping busy spring cleaning the house. I think my body is now starting to tell me to slow down though. After a particularly busy day on Saturday, late afternoon I struggled to be able to put weight on one leg due to pain in my hip which made walking around the house difficult (I have had no problem with hip or pelvis pain up until now). Thankfully this only lasted the one evening but then yesterday I started with stomach cramps. I knew they were not contractions as they did not peak and whilst I was doing housework the cramp was constant. I had a lie down and this almost instantly relieved the cramps. I spent the rest of the day sat down crafting more bits for the nursery and have been doing the same today and the cramps have not returned.

Talking of crafting for the baby, since my last update I have made a cushion for the chair which you can see below along with a few other pictures of my favorite bits of the nursery so far.nursery so far022

I have visited the midwife a few times since my last update. Everything is going to plan so the appointments go without much to report but it is always nice to hear the heart beat and ask about anything that might be worrying me. My bump always measures a couple of weeks behind what it should but the midwife is not concerned by this and says that my bump is pretty much all baby. I attended 3 NHS antenatal classes including a tour of the hospital which my husband came along to. Although they were useful I was surprised at the lack of information on labour positions and breathing. My yoga classes have taught me a lot about keeping moving and allowing gravity to help in labour as well as breathing and trying to keep calm. We attended a couples yoga for labour session that my teacher held a couple of weeks back which showed our birth partners the postures/movements we had been practicing and how they could help to support and encourage us through labour as well as teaching us breathing techniques and massage techniques that we may or may not find useful in labour. I may be a naive first time mum but I am hopeful that my yoga classes will be helpful in labour or perhaps I am naive and in a few months time I will be writing a birth story involving lying flat on my back ignoring all the yoga teaching. We’ll see and so long as both myself and the baby are safe and healthy that is all that matters. For this reason I have put off writing a birth plan to date. I feel the midwives are the experts and I will go with whatever gets my baby here safest and I also know as a first time mum I have no idea how I will cope with labour and what I will want. So I feel keeping my options open is the best way forward (although I think I would like a water birth, I don’t want to set my heart on it as I know for various reasons it might not happen and equally on the day I may be able to have one but simply change my mind!).

So this may or may not be my last pregnancy update before baby arrives but I will try my best to write another. I have also started a post on packing my hospital bag and hopefully there will be a post on the final crafting I am doing a full reveal of the finished nursery if it is complete in time.


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