The great outdoors – The National Trust

I don’t know about where you are but the weather here today is lovely and spring like and makes me want to go out walking in the country. At 39 weeks pregnant though the best I can manage right now is a slow ‘waddle’ round the neighbourhood. Things won’t be like this for ever though and I am very much looking forward to family days out from this summer onwards.

We are lucky in Great Britain to be surrounded by so many beautiful landscapes to explore. I am based in the North West and here in Cheshire we have great places to visit but we are also on the doorstep of the Peak District. We are also regular visitors to Yorkshire, Anglesey and North Wales and the Lake District. I can not wait to continue to explore these places with our little one.

I am a firm believer in the importance of children spending time outdoors and it seems I am not alone as I have discovered several projects/websites promoting the importance of kids getting back to nature recently. This has inspired me to start a series of posts showcasing these projects/websites/places which I hope you enjoy and find useful.  Please get in touch if you know any locations, projects, websites or events aimed at getting families outside that you think I should include.


First up is The National Trust with their 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4, which is a virtual explorer site to encourage kids to have fun outside. The national trust has come up with 50 fun activities that they believe all children should experience which include sledging, camping in the wild, catch a crab, climb a huge hill and plant it, grow it, eat it. For each activity the site has top tips and suggestions of National Trust sites where you can complete it. When a task is complete the child can complete the task my writing about it and uploading a photo of them completing the activity on the website (only the parent and child can see the photo so it is not going public) and they will receive a virtual badge and reward (online games and clothes to personalise their virtual explorer). There is also a parents area with tips and safety advice for each activity.

Whilst we are talking about The National Trust it is worth mentioning that this weekend they are granting free admission to over 200 locations. For details of participating locations and to download your voucher visit their website here.

Below are a few photos I have taken at National Trust sites.

Tatton park, Cheshire

Tatton park, Cheshire

Marsden moor, West Yorkshire

Marsden moor, West Yorkshire

Pod camping at Low Wray, National Trust campsite, the Lake District

Pod camping at Low Wray, National Trust campsite, the Lake District

Low Wray National Trust campsite, The Lake District

Low Wray National Trust campsite, The Lake District

Hardwick hall, Derbyshire

Hardwick hall, Derbyshire


Alderley Edge, Cheshire


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