Pregnancy update 40 weeks

40-weeksSo I am officially overdue! I’ve been expecting this all along so it’s not that much of a surprise to me. Since my last update last week, I have finished all the items I wanted to make for the babies room, attended the hospital for monitoring 3 times, had my mum visit for the day, been on plenty of short walks and spent the weekend with my husband trying to keep busy.

I finally saw a consultant yesterday who seemed to disagree with the registrars I had previously seen in terms of how I should be cared for. He feels I have some signs of mild pregnancy induce hypertension (sometimes the results are even in the normal range) with the risk of development in to pre-eclampsia (which he explained could even happen at the birth or up to 6 weeks postnatal) but my blood results are saying the pregnancy is going well and showing no signs of pre-eclampsia. He feels it is better to leave me alone but he made sure I was aware of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia and that if any develop or I have any problems to ring the labour ward. No induction date was planned as it is better for the baby to come naturally if possible as this reduces the risks of further interventions. So no more monitoring appointments, just the standard 41 week midwife appointment next week and no medications required now or after the birth (just further blood tests and blood pressure checks after the birth to ensure everything goes back to normal).

Every midwife I have seen over these last 2 weeks has said, based on the tightenings they can see on the monitors or feel when examining my bump (but they are rarely painful), I will be having the baby soon. When this all started at 38 weeks I was told I would be back in labour before 39 weeks so you can understand why I am not getting my hopes up and preparing to still be overdue next week. I am trying to stay positive though. I had been putting off starting projects but to be honest with all the hospital visits I haven’t really needed to anyway. When I got home yesterday I started a new crochet project for the baby and also a new book. Either these things will keep me busy and occupied for a while or baby will decide to come along and interrupt them. I’m also going to keep writing some draft blog posts. I have a few written already and more planned including more in The Great Outdoors series and some UK handmade spotlight posts. Here’s hoping my next update is a welcome to the world baby post! We are more than ready and excited to meet this little one.


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