Babylit – classic board books

babylitIs it ever too early to introduce your child to the classics? I recently spotted these beautiful books for babies whilst browsing my local bookshop. They stood out to me as something a little different that would appeal to parents as much as babies and toddlers. They are durable board books (so no need to worry about your little one chewing or tearing a classic) with whimsical and modern illustrations in bright colours. They are not simplified versions of the classics but they either teach your child numbers or colours. I’m sure at least one of these will find its way in to my little ones book collection (once I decide which one).

You can find out more about these books here and they are available for purchase in the UK retailing at £5.99.


Welcome to the world baby

feetBaby GB finally made her appearance in to the world on Sunday 28th April weighing 7lbs 6oz. She is absolutely beautiful and so far a very chilled out baby. She is back to her birth weight already one week on and I am recovering well from the birth.

She rarely cries except when having a bath or nappy changed. She goes 5-6 hours in the night before needing a feed and then sleeps until anything between 8am and 10am. She sleeps most of the day (she is awake for a few hours either in the morning or afternoon) and very little wakes her.

I have plenty of ideas for blog posts but at the moment we are enjoying newborn snuggles and getting to know each other. I will be posting some of the posts I have in draft and hopefully a few new ones over the next few weeks.