Then and now

2nd June 2011 021

Two years ago today, in a small ceremony, in a beautiful medieval courtyard on top of a hill (in Tuscany, Italy), in front of our close family (and a crowd of Italians/tourists peeking through the gate!), we said the traditional Italian wedding vows and exchanged rings. This was followed by having our photos taken in the beautiful town where we married and in a vineyard on the way back to our villa. Back at the villa we were staying in with our family for the week, we dined on a delicious, 7 course Italian feast.

2nd June 2013019

Today we celebrated our 2 year anniversary with chocolates, flowers and our new addition to the family. We took our beautiful, 5 week old daughter with us to our favorite local pub  for lunch. Of course she woke up the minute our food arrived and we took it in turns to eat our lunch one handed whilst balancing our baby girl in the other arm. Oh how a baby changes you so completely but the day was perfect for our new family life and we wouldn’t have changed it for anything.


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