KBBF 2013 – The importance of breastfeeding support

kbb13_blogger200Support is so important when you are breastfeeding and should not be underestimated. Support can come from your partner, family, friends, healthcare professionals, resources and breastfeeding support groups. Support can help you make an informed decision about how to feed your baby and help to support you to continue breastfeeding even through difficulties.

My husband has been a great support in encouraging me to keep breastfeeding by helping out with the baby in all other areas such as changing nappies, winding or comforting. He has also enabled me to breastfeed by helping out more around the house when my time is taken up with feeding. Even small things like bringing me drinks and snacks etc whilst I am sat feeding help. Some people worry that dads won’t bond as well with their child if they can not give it a bottle but we have no found this to be the case and anyway you could always express and let dad give the baby a bottle that way.

There are lots of resources available to advise on common breastfeeding problems and also in learning the basics such as positions for breastfeeding and getting a good latch. These include books, websites and even a DVD (which I wrote about yesterday). It is useful to do some preparatory research whilst you are pregnant and it is included in antenatal classes for this reason.

Breastfeeding support groups also exist across the country. Here in Cheshire we have Cherubs groups and I have been a long to a few. They are very informal groups where breastfeeding mums can chat over a drink and get advice if needed from the health visitor or the peer supporters (women who have breastfed their children and gone on to train as a volunteer who can help other women with all areas of breastfeeding). You don’t need to be having problems to go along to the group but they are very helpful if you are. I was worried about breastfeeding my baby in public and attending this group and feeding my baby there helped build my confidence. My local group welcomes pregnant women along to chat & find out more before they have their baby too. Below are a list of resources that I have discovered but this is by no means a complete list. If you have any other resources you would like to share with me and my readers please leave me a comment below.

This is my last post as part of the Keep Britain Breastfeeding scavenger hunt but I will be continuing with more breastfeeding related posts for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I will be posting my breastfeeding experience for you to read and on Thursday I will be posting a nursing bra review. Finally on Friday I will have a special Friday finds where I will share links to breastfeeding articles and products that I have discovered this week.

Useful websites:

The breastfeeding network

La Leche League

UNICEF UK, the baby friendly initiative

Association of breastfeeding mothers (includes a page where you can search for support groups near you)

The National Childbirth Trust

Best beginnings

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9 thoughts on “KBBF 2013 – The importance of breastfeeding support

  1. My breastfeeding supporter/s have to be the ladies on babycentreUK. Without their help, I would definitely have been formula feeding almost from birth as my baby wouldn’t latch. 14 weeks of pumping later, and he surprised us all.
    He has now been breastfeeding for almost a year (he’s 15 months) with no sign of stopping soon (how it should be).
    I am now training to be a bfps so I can help others. Yay!

  2. my biggest supporter is my OH who saw me through the early nights with baby no 1 when we struggled with latch issues, and ended up referred back to the hospital for a feeding plan which involved a very difficult schedule of expressing and topping up. he also understands how important breastfeeding is for both mine and our childrens health.
    But I also have a community of women friends who have breastfed/are breastfeeding and its their support that gets me through the ups and downs.

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