Friday finds – 28th June 2013 – Breastfeeding special

This breastfeeding special friday finds marks then end of my week of breastfeeding posts for British National Breastfeeding Awareness Week. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts & found them useful. Below are a small selection of some of the great blog posts that I have read this week and also a few products that I have discovered. Don’t forget you still have time to enter the Keep Britain Breastfeeding 2013 scavenger hunt.


1 – The ultimate dotty breastfeeding pillow – Converts in to a bag when no longer needed as a pillow

2 – Medela calma bottle – Unique bottle that enables baby to maintain the natural feeding behaviour they learn on the breast

3 – Snoob breastfeeding scarf – Stylish and discreet nursing cover

4 – The breastvest – Use with a nursing bra to convert any top in to a nursing top

Breastfeeding from a dad’s perspective and how dads can support their breastfeeding partner.

7 (selfish) reasons why breast milk is better.

Really useful tips and advice from Circus Queen – Relax and accept.

How twitter and social media in general can help with breastfeeding – Top tips for using social media when breastfeeding

Breastfeeding the second time found – is it any different?

Top tips for breastfeeding out and about

Why we NEED to breastfeed our babies in public

Breast is best?

Here is a really well written, balanced article about the pros and cons of both breast and formula feeding and why we shouldn’t judge a mother’s decision – Hands off my boobs!

To see the complete list of blog posts for each day, as part of Keep Britain Breastfeeding 2013 scavenger hunt

And finally links to my posts from this week –


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