Lost my name book – what we’re reading

IMG_5512Lost my name is a personalised children’s book created by three dads and an uncle. Their aim was to create a personalised book and do it better than ever before and in my opinion they have. Even more amazing than the book itself is that they have created over 150 illustrations so that any name can be used and the project is entirely self-funded and self-published.

Lost my name is available for girls (as the little girl who lost her name) and boys (as the little boy who lost his name) and is the story of  how the little boy or girl gets up one morning to discover their name is missing from their bedroom door. The child does not know his or her name and sets off on an adventure to find it. Along the way the child meets various creatures who give him/her a letter for their name. At the end of the story the child realise that all the letters spell out their name.

IMG_5513I have to say I adore this book. Although my 3 month old, little girl is too young to appreciate this book now, I can imagine reading it to her when she is older and learning to spell her own name. It truly is a magical book. A perfect present for any child.


Words by: David Cadji-Newby

Illustrations by: Pedro Serapicos

The book is A4, printed in the UK on environmentally friendly, thick, uncoated paper (it really is great quality, more card like than paper and with a smooth texture).

Available to buy via their website, for £16.99 (free UK post and packaging) and they ship worldwide.

If your still unsure, visit their website, input your child’s name, select boy or girl and preview your childs book.

Maggie StoneDisclosure: Shortly after my baby was born, I won a personalised lost my name book via a twitter competition. I was not asked to review the book on the blog but I wanted to share it since it is such a beautiful book.


Buggy friendly walk – The Dingle, Anglesey

We are just back from spending a few days in Anglesey. Whilst we were there we visited The Dingle in Llangefni for a lovely short walk which I would like to share with you. The Dingle is a woodland nature reserve with a 1.5 mile circular walk which is suitable for buggies (we do not have a three wheel buggy or anything particularly suited to off-road walking and had no problems on this walk).

IMG_5595The river Cefni runs through the middle of the woodland with a wooden broadwalk running alongside it for walkers.

IMG_5574 There are various bridges across the river to a tarmac walk way on the other side of the river. Both paths meet up at each end to form a circular walk which is very accessible. The tarmac side does have some hilly parts but nothing too challenging for most families. The broadwalk side is completely flat. Both sides are unlikely to get muddy after a wet spell which is a big advantage for a buggy friendly walk. IMG_5590

Along the walk there a various sculptures carved from wood such as a giant dragon fly as well as benches where you could enjoy a picnic. IMG_5598

Proving you are never too young to get out and enjoy nature, our baby seemed to be looking round a lot and making her happy noises (when she wasn’t napping). Being in the woodland, surrounded by trees with the sun creeping through was probably very different to being inside or even the walks with have taken her in parks, towns etc.  IMG_5579 IMG_5586  Getting there – Leave the A55 at the exit for Llangefni and follow signs for the town centre. Once in the town centre follow the brown signs for The Dingle. There is a pay and display car park at the start of the walk which currently is 50p for 1 hour and 80p for two hours.

IMG_5576IMG_5571Whilst checking a couple of details for this post I discovered that Visit Anglesey have produced an educational pack for children which you can download here.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Crafting for baby – Hot air balloon mobile

In my pregnancy updates from week 30 onwards I showed you some of the things I was making for my baby’s nursery such as a crochet blanket, cushion and an amigurumi giraffe. I also mentioned that I was making a hot air balloon mobile. Well last week I finally finished it and hung it in the nursery.   IMG_5521Yes that is a boiler in my baby’s room but it is brand new, safely installed and we have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in there which we test regularly. Unfortunately that was the only space suitable for a boiler. Now back to the baby mobile. If you follow me on pinterest you will see I have a whole board of ideas for the nursery and a lot of them are hot air balloon related. Since we did not find out the sex of the baby before she was born we wanted a gender neutral nursery. I never found a unisex nursery range in the shops that I loved so I decided to go down the DIY route. I wanted a theme that would allow me to use bright colours and came up with circus or hot air balloons. Both of which I thought had an imaginative/magical feel that would be perfect for a girl or a boy. My husband picked hot air balloons and so I set off seeking inspiration. I found a lot of hot air balloon mobiles and picked a tutorial by how joyful. I modified the pattern slightly by making baskets out of felt not cork.

IMG_5519All the stitching is done by hand. The smaller balloons took me about 1-2 hours and the larger more detailed ones took about twice that amount of time. I had the mobile complete apart from the top strings and hook for hanging the mobile before my baby arrived. However it took me until last week to do the final bits and hang the mobile. This part really didn’t take very long but with a new baby it was more a matter of finding the time, energy and motivation to complete it. I am so glad I did though, as now it is hanging over the chair in her nursery I love it. My baby also seems to like it. I intentionally have some of the balloons hanging quiet low and she sits on my knee happily staring at them.

IMG_5516I still have a few more bits to do in her nursery, the biggest being to find some suitable wall stickers for the wall behind her cot. She is still in her mosses basket in our room but I would like the room finished before she outgrows it. I have found a couple of suitable stickers but can not make my mind up which, if any, to buy.

This weeks the gallery theme is I made this! so it seemed the perfect push I needed to find a small window of time to write this post up.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

1 year on

facebook cover page copy1 year ago today I launched this blog. It was an idea I had had for a little while before hand. When I had been planning my wedding a couple of years back, I loved blogs like style me pretty and rock my wedding, so naturally when we started trying for a baby I searched out something similar baby related. I did find a few but they were all American. This sparked the idea of creating something similar myself. Truth be told I need something baby related to focus on other than trying for our own baby. So I set up this blog, a twitter account and a facebook page and set about building on the initial idea. For whatever reason when I first started this blog I gave the impression it was written by more than one person. Perhaps so it was more like the wedding blogs I loved but it is a free wordpress blog after all so it was never going to have that professional appearance (plus my design skills are basic to say the least).

I soon found so many talented photographers, handmade artists and bloggers here in the UK. I set about contacting some of them and drafting posts to go live when I launched. I picked Monday 9th July 2012 to launch and started designing the blog and publicising the site and the launch date. Unfortunately Monday July 9th 2012 was also the day I lost my grandma who I was very close to. I went ahead with the launch anyway, I had a couple of weeks of posts written and I needed something to distract me more than ever. In the weeks that followed I helped to arrange the funeral, caught the flu and found out I was pregnant. I somehow managed to keep up 5 times weekly posts until the end of August. Then the constant nausea and tiredness hit and the blog went silent.

Late October I announced my pregnancy and explained that this blog was really written by one person. I never got back to regular posting but I did document my pregnancy and share some posts similar to when I first started.

So here we are 12 months and 72 blog posts later. Both my life and this blog have changed dramatically in this time. My little girl was born late April, she is now 10 weeks and growing so fast. She is starting to nap more reliably in the day and I am starting to want to blog more. I feel the blog has lost its way and wonder if I should just have started a mummy/baby blog when I announced my pregnancy. As it stands this blog is trying to mix (and not very successfully at that) what it originally was with a personal blog documenting my journey as a first time mum. I enjoy both aspects of this blog but wonder if combining showcasing what Britain has to offer families and documenting my family life in the same blog is confusing and off-putting to readers? On the other hand I think why not combine the two, I blog for pleasure after all so why shouldn’t I blog what I enjoy? I would love to know what people think of the blog, is it too confusing to combine the two ideas? What aspects do you enjoy reading/not enjoy?

We made the decision not to post identifiable images of our daughter on here so this blog is never going to be like the other parent blogs I enjoy reading so much, as their photos do make the blog what it is. Can anyone point me in the direction of successful parent bloggers who don’t share identifiable images of their children or do they not exist? I’d love some inspiration before you get sick of photos of tiny feet or prams!

The great outdoors – Project wild thing

Untitled-1Project wild thing, is the project of film maker David Bond, who has made it his mission to get the public (including his own family) to forget about modern technology and discover the benefits of nature. He has filmed a feature-length documentary about children and their lack of connection with nature which is set to be screened later this year.

There is also a website where you can sign up to take the pledge to spend as much time outside as you do looking at screens. You can also find inspiration for places to go and activities to do outdoors both recommended by the website team and by the general population (& of course you can share your own ideas).

Untitled-2Another great feature is the wild time app (available via the itunes store for free) where you choose the amount of time you have available (from 10 minutes to half a day) and it will suggest activities you can do in that time. Really useful if you are lacking inspiration and don’t want to waste time searching the local paper or internet for ideas.

PROJECT WILD THING – official trailer from Green Lions on Vimeo.

Overall I thing this is a great project and I am looking forward to seeing it expand. You can find the website here and they are on facebook and twitter too.