Friday finds – 4th October 2013

Another week has flown by and yet again I find myself writting my weekly friday finds post on a thursday evening. I really enjoy putting these posts together but every week I plan to start writting them as I come across things but it never happens.This week on the blog I shared one of my favorite places in the UK, I wrote a letter to my baby at 5 months and I shared another UK handmade artist, The fabric phoenix. I hope you enjoy reading this collection of links. Have a good weekend.

template-friday-finds1 – We currently have a mamas and papas sola pushchair that I love but I can see me getting fed up with the size and weight of it once my baby is older (it takes up most of our boot). I love the look of their new pushchair, armadillo which comes in a range of modern colours/designs. I would love to here your recommendations though for lightweight/compact pushchairs.

2 – Is it too early to mention chirstmas? This year I plan to bake christmas cakes for the first time which means starting soon so that has got me thinking about christmas. I have made a gingerbread house before and I remember that the templates in the recipe I used were not correct and we had to play around to get it right. This week I spotted this set of cookie cutters from lakeland designed to make baking gingerbread houses easy. I plan to get this set as I would love to make gingerbread house with my little girl in the future. I might bake one this year anyway.

3 – I spotted these cute ceramic jars with wooden lids on etsy. They come in a wide range of designs.

4 – We’ve had a mixture of sunny days and rainy days here this week. My baby has no need for wellies this autumn winter but if you have a little one who loves to splash in the puddles you’ll need a good pair of wellies for them. I love these bright yellow ones from Hunter.

I love making homemade soup in autumn & winter. This week UK parent blogs were full of delicious soup recipes including this one for sweet potato, butternut squash and chilli soup. Mummy pink wellies shared not one but three simple soup recipes this week that you could easily make this weekend. Or how do you like the sound of harvest vegetable soup with smokey bacon? Prefer baking to cooking? then you’ll love this recipe for blackberry crumble. If you are looking for lunch box ideas for your little ones, then you love this recipe for ham and cheese muffins. I’ve mentioned before how much I love the idea of bento boxes and this week I discovered another mum who has started making fabulous bento boxes for her little girl (and husband). My little one is nowhere near ready for packed lunches, in fact she is still exclusively breastfed. However we are soon to start on our weaning adventure so I read with interest mummy daddy and me’s post on weaning the second time round.

How is it October already? If you are starting to think about Halloween you might find this post from tots100 handy – 20 spooktacular ideas for Halloween. I love the idea of making a pumpkin house from nurture store, so cute. Looking for more autumn craft ideas? Have a look on red ted art where you’ll find an autumn nature tree craft idea.

I mentioned last week that my husband had been ill and I was fighting off a cold. Since then we have both recovered but not surprisingly our baby developed a bit of a cough and cold. She has been doing well though as doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Another blogger struggling with her little girl having a cold is my pretty mummy. She shared a post with some tips that might help others for surviving the chaos of the common cold. If your little one is unwell or you’ve simply had a day where nothing seems to have gone right this lovely post is a beautiful reminder of just how important our jobs as parents are, putting the world to rights. Another beautiful post and reminder to us mums is from Hollybobb’s on body image – are you beautiful?.

Emily from The startup wife shared this fun, quick update to her little boy’s bedroom by adding washi tape, in her post on making a happy home. Two of everything shared a great sensory play activity for toddlers – Lavender gloop. Find 5 great ideas for easy after school play activities here. Help your child to learn spelling using ginger and cinnamon salt trays.


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