Hairy Maclary – what we’re reading

IMG_6246  I picked this board book up whilst I was pregnant, as another mum had recommended it to me. I’m not really a dog lover so I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at it if it wasn’t for the recommendation. However this has turned out to be one of my favorite books to read to my baby (and yes I do pretty much know it off by heart already). IMG_6247

I love the flow of the rhymes in this short story about a dog and all his friends who go for a walk until they come across a scary cat. My baby seems to enjoy this book too probably due to the repetition and rhythm of the poem. She looks at the pictures and reaches out for the book and often gets so excited she hits the book as she waves her arms with excitement. It’s become such a firm favorite with both me, my husband and our baby that we have bought a set of 15 Hairy Maclary and friends books by Lynley Dodd (£15 from the book people) for christmas.


Joining in with what we’re reading over on Dear beautiful.


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