Living arrows 1/52

I’ve attempted a 365 project in the past but I never made it to the end (just short of 300 days). I enjoyed the challenge and the daily creativity but in the end too many days of struggling to find something interesting to photograph after work got the better of me and it became a chore rather than a pleasure. Now I have a baby, I find I am picking my camera up most days (even if it’s just my phone camera some days). I’m not going to commit to a 365 though as many of the photos I take include her full face and I do not feel comfortable sharing these on my blog. Plus I’m already thinking ahead to when I go back to work in May and can see that on work days I may not pick a camera up. A weekly photo challenge seems much more sensible for me, so I was thrilled to discover I heart snapping’s living arrows challenge. It fits the bill perfectly and many of my favorite bloggers are involved so I know I will be inspired by their photos.

This first week of January has had many wet and windy days so this photo sums up the week for my daughter playing with her new toys at home. We’ve also had trips to the shops, library and a friend’s house but when the weather has been miserable we’ve enjoyed time at home, playing and reading.

IMG_7700living arrows


16 thoughts on “Living arrows 1/52

  1. Ball pools are always a hit with the little ones. Joining in on this new project myself…just need to type it up! x

  2. Love the colours in the photo. Ball pools are great for that.
    I’ve stopped 365 after two years for the same reasons. I was taking photos for the sake of it some days and I would much rathe focus on getting a couple of really good shots a week rather than an average one every day.
    Thanks so much for linking up with Living Arrows. x

    • You’re welcome. Such a great challenge and one I feel I can join in with regularly even though I do not share portraits of my daughter. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with 365’s. Well done for making it to 2 years though.

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