Living arrows 5/52

IMG_7992Yesterday morning we were all snuggled up in bed, delaying getting up for just that little bit longer (we’re all ill & it was Sunday), reading books to our baby (who from now on I will refer to as Poppet, one of her nicknames). I decided this would be as good a moment as any to take my photo for living arrows.

Happy with the photo I had captured, I put my camera down and started getting ready to get up. That’s when we noticed that Poppet seemed to be trying to play peek a boo with us for the first time.

We play peek a boo with her a lot! It the easiest way to get through drying her face without too many tears (and you can often get a little giggle out of her in the process too). This however was the first time she seemed to be initiating it.

She was holding the book with both hands, a short distance in front of her face and strangely for her, she wasn’t trying to eat it!

“Where’s poppet gone?” I said, at which point she pulled the book away from her face in a fit of giggles, arms and legs kicking away in excitement. This was repeated several times before she got bored with it and we continued with our morning routine.

living arrows

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