Living arrows 9/52

IMG_8279My parents have floor to ceiling, mirrored wardrobes and this week my little girl had lots of fun with them. She’s always been fascinated by them but now that she is crawling and pulling herself to standing on everything, she naturally gravitated straight to them. I have some adorable photos of her kissing her own reflection but here’s one I’m happy to share.

living arrows

12 thoughts on “Living arrows 9/52

  1. We have a floor to ceiling mirror and even as they get older they are both obsessed with it! xx


  2. Ever so curious, is always the best way. So cute! What a lovely picture. I love how obsessed kids are with mirrors. Do they see themselves or think its’ another baby? I love it. #livingarrows

  3. We don’t have any full length mirrors in our house but when we took the girls for supper at the pub recently when H’s parents came to stay Elma thought the big mirror in the corner was very funny, and Kit spent ages prancing and twirling in front of it!

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