Living arrows 12/52

IMG_8509It’s been another week of illness in our house. When I blogged my living arrows post last week I was ill and Poppet was on the mend. By Wednesday I was feeling a lot better but Poppet seemed to be getting worse again. Thankfully she has been improving all weekend and today we started a new week and returned to some of our normal activities. We visited our friends this morning and had some water play this afternoon. She loved playing with the water in this box along with her new bath toy. So much so that she climbed in fully dressed! I think at almost 11 months, the difference between water play and bath time are very blurred!

IMG_8555living arrows


11 thoughts on “Living arrows 12/52

  1. Aww she’s such a sweetie! Kitty once did something very similar at nursery when she was tiny – all the other babies sat round the edge and my little girl crawled straight in, shoes and all!

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