Living arrows 17/52

IMG_9459Sorry my Living arrows photo is a day late again. Yesterday was Poppet’s birthday and we had a busy day as well as a busy weekend. I’ll be back later in the weekend with more posts about her party, birthday and the birthday cake I made. This weeks living arrows photo had to be of her birthday cake from her party on Sunday.

living arrows


Easter weekend

IMG_9412What gorgeous weather we enjoyed this Easter weekend. It was Poppet’s first Easter and what a lovely one it was. We are very lucky that my husband’s parents have a lovely static caravan on Anglesey & we spent Easter weekend with them there. Planning to make the most of my husbands 4 days off work we got up and set off as early as we could manage (8:30am) hoping to miss the traffic and get there before lunch. Half way there we stopped at a services to stretch our legs and have a quick drink/snack, only to return to the car to find we had 2 flat tires! One call to the AA, a detour to the nearest tire garage and a few hours later (not mention the number of times we had to empty the boot on to the side of the road to access the spare) and we were back on the road. The weekend got much better once we arrive on Anglesey and the car dramas were soon forgotten.

IMG_9273The weather was sunny and fairly mild Friday and Saturday so we took Poppet to the beach for the first time. We took her down to the sea (too cold for a paddle though) and also let her feel the sand which she loved. We set up a beach tent to create some shade for her and she seemed to enjoy it. The tent stopped her from eating sand too which is always a bonus. Ice creams were enjoyed and we had a quick trip to the swings on the way back to the caravan. My nephew was also there on Friday, so we had an Easter egg hunt a couple of days early. He’s 4 and loved it. Next year I look forward to Poppet being able to take part in too.

IMG_9318 IMG_9324 Easter basket2 easterbasket1Poppet was completely spoilt on Easter Sunday with chocolate and other gifts. I shared some details of her Easter basket last week and I can confirm it was a hit. She loved emptying the basket and the Happyland animals were well received (she still carries them around with her a lot). The basket was from Sainsburys and in it I put some decorative Easter eggs that I bought a few years back, some plastic eggs (most were empty but a few hid some of the animals), a packet of Cadbury’s buttons, a set of Happyland farm animals, that’s not my lamb board book and a cuddly rabbit. She is a very active baby and rarely still but she sat in one spot for quiet some time, taking the items out of the basket and examining them carefully before moving on the next one.

easter2 easterOn Easter Sunday the weather was not quiet as nice but we did go for a bit of a walk near Holyhead mountain and took Poppet to see the ducks. All too soon it was Monday and after enjoying a walk to the beach and back before lunch, we headed home.

IMG_9361This last photo is just because I love these curls! Poppet’s hair seems to be getting curlier by the day. As you read this we are getting ready for her first birthday party this Sunday and her birthday on Monday. I can not believe she is almost 1!
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Living arrows 16/52

IMG_9276We had a lovely long Easter weekend away in Anglesey. I have lots more photos so I hope to sit down and find some time to write about our Easter and share more photos before the weekend. My living arrows this week is a little late due to being away and then getting home and a long with unpacking and doing all the washing etc I have a party and 1st birthday to organise for this weekend. I’ve got my mum staying at the minutes as well. Here is a photo of my baby enjoying her first trip to the beach. living arrows

Moon rabbit – what we’re reading

IMG_9137I picked this book up for the bargain price of 20p at a second hand book stall a few months back. I’d never seen or heard of the book before but in that brief flick through, something told me this would be a great addition to my daughters collection (and at 20p what could I lose?). The illustrations are charming, beautiful and pretty without being pink. I imagined reading it at bed time, to my little girl as she grows up. There isn’t too much text on each page either. Just the right amount, before Poppet decides to turn the page.IMG_9122Little rabbit loves living in the city but one night she looks up at the moon and begins to wonder if there is someone out there just like her. Someone she can have fun with. Then one night she meets brown rabbit in the park. The two rabbits become good friends and for a while, little rabbit forgets about her life in the city. IMG_9112IMG_9114

One night however, little rabbit sees her beautiful city glowing in the distance and becomes home sick. The next day she returns to the city and continues to enjoy living there. She is no longer lonely though as brown rabbit visits her in the city.

IMG_9120A really sweet story about friendship. Although I enjoy reading it to Poppet now at almost 12 months old, I’m sure it is one that will get more enjoyable as she grows up.

If you want more ideas for spring/Easter reads, have a look at my Easter gift guide, that I published on Tuesday or this great post from life and times of mummy Morkus has some more suggestions. I can also recommend some previous ‘what we’re reading’ choices such as Oh dear!, Animal homes and Farmyard hullabaloo. I’d love to hear your recommendations for spring reads in the comments.

This week I am linking up with Carie at Space for the butterflies. Please do pop other to her blog by clicking on the button below to link up what you’ve been reading with your children or to get some ideas.

Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading300 picture book challenge

This week we have read 6 new books. We had another trip to the library and picked up a few more books including a couple of great ones from Oliver Jeffers (I think I love these more than Poppet at the moment). As always you can find the full list of what we have read so far (and a brief review of each) on my pinterest board.

17april-300pbsNumber of new books this week – 6
Total number of books read this year – 112/300

Easter sensory bag

Easter sensory bagI’ve seen a lot of sensory or discovery bags as ideas for sensory play for babies. Since Poppet is still at the stage where everything goes in the mouth, these seem like the ideal way to play with inedible messy substances and small objects. For this Easter themed bag I simply added a tub of hair gel (I bought supermarket own basics brand for about 50p) into a zip lock freezer bag and added a small packet of bunny table confetti (pack of 4 from a £1 shop). In order to ensure the bag did not leak (or Poppet didn’t figure out how the zip worked), I sealed the top with duct tape. As an extra safety measure (as Poppet has 6 teeth so she could potentially burst the bag if she chewed on it) I taped the bag down to her high chair tray.

IMG_8715Poppet prodded and poked the bag for a little bit and seemed to enjoy the activity. I think she is still a little young for this yet as it didn’t take long for her to start trying to bite the bag and also peel it off the high chair. Even so I have saved the bag and give it her to play with, supervised, for short periods every so often. I think this is a great activity for older babies and there are so many variations around on the internet that I can’t wait to try in the future.IMG_8707

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Easter gifts for little ones

Poppet is almost one & although we are happy for her to have a bit of chocolate we did not want her getting lots of chocolate for Easter. Knowing that she would be bought some chocolate by other family members, we decided to put together an Easter basket of none chocolate gifts. Here are a few  ideas I’ve seen around that would make a great Easter gift for little ones.

Untitled-11. Easter bunny in a carrot (£9.95, Not on the high – Why should newborn babies miss out on all the Easter fun? I think this looks totally adorable. Perfect for newborn but also lovely for older children too.

2. Set of 6 Easter bunny crayons (£5.50, Not on the high – I’ve featured these fantastic crayons on the blog before but this set is just perfect for encouraging creativity this Easter.

3. Wooden stacking puzzle (£7.99, Kiddiecare). Farm animal stacking puzzle, suitable from 12 months.

4. Easter cookie cutters (£2.66, Sainsburys) – Why not make up a batch of play dough to go with these cute cookie cutters? See this post from One perfect day for more information and ideas (you can pick up pom poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners cheaply in the works or pound shops).

5. Hape farm animal puzzle (£8.95, Kiddiecare) – another wooden puzzle with a farm animal design.

6. Spot’s first Easter (£5.99) – A classic board book, perfect for little ones at Easter. Books make a great gift for little ones, on any occasion.

7. Happyland happy farm animals (£8, get 20% off all happyland until 23rd April) – We’ve bought this set for Poppet. Her first happyland toy, perfect as she is fascinated by animals at the moment (as you can see in this post).

8. ELC large floral bunny (£12, smaller version available) – Another great bunny cuddly toy suitable from birth.

9. Hape push pull toys, duck (£11.50) and rabbit (£11.05, both Kiddiecare) – I can’t decide between these two at the moment but one of them is likely to be gifted to Poppet on her first birthday.

10. Peter Rabbit Easter egg hunt (£4.99) – Another classic, lift the flap book. There are also several new animated Peter Rabbit Easter books available this year (but I prefer the classics).

11. That’s not my lamb… (£5.99) – I chose this one for Poppet but there is also a piglet, bunny and duck book, perfect for spring.

I picked up a plastic Easter basket from my local supermarket to put Poppet’s gifts in. I’ve seen Easter baskets in many high streets this year & all very reasonably priced. Will you be buying your little ones any none chocolate gifts this Easter?