Easter sensory bag

Easter sensory bagI’ve seen a lot of sensory or discovery bags as ideas for sensory play for babies. Since Poppet is still at the stage where everything goes in the mouth, these seem like the ideal way to play with inedible messy substances and small objects. For this Easter themed bag I simply added a tub of hair gel (I bought supermarket own basics brand for about 50p) into a zip lock freezer bag and added a small packet of bunny table confetti (pack of 4 from a £1 shop). In order to ensure the bag did not leak (or Poppet didn’t figure out how the zip worked), I sealed the top with duct tape. As an extra safety measure (as Poppet has 6 teeth so she could potentially burst the bag if she chewed on it) I taped the bag down to her high chair tray.

IMG_8715Poppet prodded and poked the bag for a little bit and seemed to enjoy the activity. I think she is still a little young for this yet as it didn’t take long for her to start trying to bite the bag and also peel it off the high chair. Even so I have saved the bag and give it her to play with, supervised, for short periods every so often. I think this is a great activity for older babies and there are so many variations around on the internet that I can’t wait to try in the future.IMG_8707

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