Personalised my daddy, Peppa pig book review

IMG_0165I recently got the chance to review a personalised Peppa pig, my daddy book from Penwizard. This is a great little book for children who are fans of Peppa pig and would make a great fathers day present. Read on to find out more about creating the personalised book and what we thought of it.

The Penwizard website is easy to navigate and ordering our personalised book only took a few minutes. For the my daddy book you type in your child’s name, a personalised message for the recipient (printed on the first page inside the book) and then personalise the child and daddy character used throughout the book. For the child you select a girl or boy character and then you have a choice of hair style and colour. After that you choose your child’s skin colour, eye colour and there is the option to add glasses. Next up you personalise the daddy in the book with a choice of 8 hair styles (including bald), 6 hair colours (there is no grey but there is white available), then you can add a beard from a choice of 9 (from no beard, different types of stubble and different shaped full beards). After this you can add sideburns and moustaches if you like and finally choose their skin, eye colour and whether they wear glasses.

It takes only a few minutes to choose from these options and then you simply add the book to your shopping basket and check out (which is simple and quick to do). Whilst I was on the website I had a look at some of the other books that they sell. As well as a number of Peppa pig books there are Ben and Holly, Noddy, Roary the racing car and Fifi and the flowertots. There is also the option for your child to be a wizard, footballer, medieval knight or medieval princess. Of course they also sell a personalised christmas story featuring your child. I also noticed they have just started selling Lost my name book which I review last year. I can not recommend lost my name book highly enough, it’s a gorgeous book.IMG_0169

I ordered the Peppa pig book on a friday and it arrived the following Wednesday which I thought was very efficient (I was told to expect 5-7 days). My Daddy is a hard backed book with a high gloss cover and the inner pages are a lovely heavyweight paper quality. It is only 18cm square so perfect for little hands. Your child’s name is on every page (I’ve blurred Poppet’s real name out in the photos) which I am sure when Poppet is a bit older she will love. IMG_0172

The book is about Peppa pig, her best friend (your child) and their daddies. Peppa and your child are telling each other all about their daddies, such as how Peppa’s daddy is very good at planning DIY but your childs daddy is not very good at doing DIY (so true in our house). Other examples include exercise, trips to the seaside and reading (news and bedtime stories). The pictures are lovely and colourful and there is just the right amount of text on each page for toddlers. We love this book already but I am sure once Poppet is a bit older she will love being the star of the book and being friends with Peppa pig.

My daddy is available from Penwizard for £14.99 plus £2.50 postage. This seems expensive for a kids book but for a personalised book this book is very competitively priced. It would make a lovely fathers day present for the daddy of any Peppa pig fans.

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Disclosure – I was kindly sent a personalised copy of this book in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, as are the photographs.


Living arrows 21/52

IMG_0199This weeks photo is a very simple one. Poppet is at that stage that all babies go through where she is fascinated by the washing machine. She has been for a while but this is the first time I have had my camera on hand and managed to get a good photo. I couldn’t decide between the two photos so have included them both.IMG_0196living arrows


Science scarecrow trail

IMG_0097IMG_0105A town not too far from us is having their annual festival at the moment. There is a mixture of science, art, music and sport on over the next couple of weeks. Most of the events are aimed at older children however for the whole of the festival there are a number of scarecrows and art exhibitions & open studios dotted around the town open on the weekends.The scarecrows are themed around 50 years of biomedical science. IMG_0096


This was one of my favorite scarecrows – human genome sequenced.

IMG_0101It was a gorgeous, hot and sunny day last Sunday. We packed a picnic and decided to head over and have a bit of a look round. We had a lovely walk around the town spotting the scarecrows and visiting a few art exhibitions. Poppet enjoyed her first picnic in the park. Not that she ate much. I wasn’t sure if it was because there was too much going on around her or if she just doesn’t like sandwiches (she never eats sandwiches if I try to give her them). You can imagine my surprise when I pick her up from nursery the following day to be told they had a picnic in the park and Poppet ate plenty of sandwiches! Anyway back to the festival (although if anyone has any ideas for picnic food for a 12 month old I’d be glad of some more ideas).

IMG_0122 IMG_0103I love visiting this particular town, even when there isn’t a festival on. It’s just such a lovely, pretty town with lots of nice walks. There is the park in the center of town, several nice playgrounds, a canal and several other walking routes such as a former railway.

Scarecrow trails are great for families. Walking is much more enjoyable for children when they are distracted. Children will love spotting the scarecrows and trying to identify/guess what they are. Older children can practice map reading (if there is a map of the scarecrow trail, like there was in our case) to locate the scarecrows. Younger children (like Poppet) will just enjoy the colours and being out in the fresh air (Poppet also enjoyed an hours nap in her pram).

Below are a selection of photos of some of the scarecrows. Most of the scarecrows were made by local children, from primary school up to high school age but a few were done by local artists.


First heart, lung and liver transplant. First functioning laser.


Artificial heart. Beta blockers used in cardiovascular medicine. Prions discovered to be the cause of mad cow disease. Molecular structure of insulin discovered.


First test tube baby born


First test tube baby born

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Bing: Something for Daddy, review

IMG_0149Last week we were kindly sent a copy of the latest relaunched book from the Bing bunny series by Ted Dewan. Before I was approached to review this book I was not familiar with this author or series of books so I did a bit of research. I discovered that the book I was sent ‘something for daddy’, is one of 8 books from the Bing bunny series. These books are aimed at toddlers and parents as they focus on the dynamic between them as they experience the ups and downs of everyday life with a toddler. The basic story line of each book is that whatever happens, it’s not big deal, it’s just a Bing thing.

IMG_0144When I first received this book I was pleased to see the illustrations were brightly coloured and there wasn’t too much text on each page. Poppet is 12 months old and this is exactly the sort of book she is drawn to at the moment (that and books with textures, flaps or sounds). If there is too much text on a page, I struggle to read it all to her before she loses interest and tries to turn the page (not always in the right direction).

IMG_0155 IMG_0159In this book, Bing is making something for his daddy using shiny things, feathers, sparkles and goo. The picture gets a bit more gooey than planned, but that’s no big thing, daddy will love it anyway because it’s a Bing thing. I love that this book depicts a typical craft session with a toddler, the picture might not come out as planned but to the toddler and parent it will still be a work of art to be treasured. My daughter brought her first painting home from nursery last week and it has had pride of place on the fridge ever since. I know there will be many more works of art to treasure in the future.

IMG_0145 IMG_0033 IMG_0163We’ve read this book a few times now and it keeps her attention well. In fact she has been known to pick this book up if it is within reach and look at the pictures (sometimes they are upside down but she doesn’t seem to care). I love the attention to detail in this book such as the first page that encourages your child to write their name in the book (although most children that this book is aimed at will be too young to do this themselves) and also the final page which asks what the readers favorite things to make things with is. I really feel that Ted Dewan has successfully created a book that toddlers will love and I am sure that we will read this book many times over the coming months and years. I will also be keeping an eye out for more books in this fun series. I’ve also heard a rumour that Bing will be making his tv debut later in the year.

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Disclosure – I was kindly sent a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as are the photographs.

Mash potato sensory play

mash potato sensory playThis is another simple and edible messy play that I put together for Poppet. The idea came from an open day at her nursery where there was edible paint which was basically mashed potato and food colouring. I’d forgotten all about it until I found myself with left over mash one night. I put it in a Tupperware and put it in the fridge over night. The following day I divided the mash in to two (since I only have 2 food colourings in at present, must buy more colours soon) and add some food colouring to each. There was no measuring, I just added and mixed until I was happy with the colour.

IMG_9056 IMG_9047After nap time one afternoon, I put Poppet in her highchair wearing a wipe clean, long sleeve bib and gave her the two tubs of mash. She seemed puzzled and made no attempt to touch it. So I tipped the mash on to the high chair tray and started playing with it myself to encourage her. Still she didn’t seem interested in touching it. Eventually she started to very carefully touch the edges of the pile. I kept playing with it and rolled a small ball together and handed it to her. She started playing with it a bit more and as expected she tasted a few bits. Eventually after a lot of encouragement she really got interested and started squashing the mash enthusiastically. She seemed to really enjoy it for a short time & then just stopped altogether.IMG_9057 IMG_9084

This is a great sensory play idea for older babies and toddlers who still put everything in their mouths and one that I will be repeating again soon.

Living arrows 20/52

IMG_0139Last week saw a big change for me & Poppet. I went back to work three days a week and she started at nursery. She had 2, two hour settling in sessions the week before and unbelievably she did not get upset at all (the same can not be said for me however). Each day I returned to find her sat in a high chair eating lunch and the staff all told me how independent and confident she is. These settling in sessions did help me a little but I still worried about leaving her on my first day back at work, after all 9 hours is a lot longer than 2.

Monday morning came around all too fast and I dropped her off at nursery before heading in to work. Again there were no tears, in fact when we were outside the baby room and she saw one of the staff, her arms and legs started waving around (her way of showing excitement). Sure enough, I kissed her goodbye and put her on the floor and she was soon off exploring the room and toys. I rang once during the day and was told she was doing really well but I still worried that come nap time she would be inconsolable. I arrived to pick her up at 5:30 to be told that she had managed the whole day with no tears (some shouting in protest at nap time but that was all and that is normal for Poppet).She’s done two full days now and has been absolutely fine. I still can’t quiet believe it. The staff tell me she has settled in the best they have seen. Many of my friends have told me how it has taken weeks for their babies to settle at nursery and I was expecting tears when I left her in a morning at least. However I am so proud of how well she has settled and it did make it a lot easier to leave her on her second day as I was not worrying so much. I just hope that this isn’t the calm before the storm and she continues to be happy there.

One of the things I was looking forward to about Poppet going to nursery was her bringing home pictures she has made there. I wasn’t expecting it so soon but when I arrived to collect her on her first full day I was given this picture and also a chocolate rice krispie cake that they had made. I’ve been meaning to do her hand and foot prints again but it is one of those things I never quiet get round to. This picture now has pride of place on the fridge and it makes me smile every time I see it.

living arrows


Outdoor play – water tables

IMG_0062Poppet’s first birthday was at the end of April so she got a number of outdoor toys which I am really looking forward to using over the summer. I wrote about her smartrike for country kids last week and this week is all about the fun we had with her water table. She also got a ball, a ride on and some foam matting. We don’t have a big garden (in fact it’s more of a yard really and there is no grass) but I am determined to make the most of what we do have. We are very lucky to have two nice parks in walking distance of our house but it is also nice to have a bit of outdoor space that we can use as well. We are lucky that Poppet will only be in nursery two days a week so I know that the garden will get plenty of use by her.

IMG_0060After three days back at work, I woke up on Thursday excited to spend the day with Poppet. I was also pleased to see that the weather was gorgeous. I took her to the park on her trike after breakfast where she enjoyed the swings, then we popped in to the supermarket on the way home to pick up some fresh fruit and other bits and bobs. After lunch but before her nap I decided to put together her water table for the first time. I put water in one side and put all the toys in for her and then brought her out. I wish you could see her face, she loved it. There was lots of smiles, giggles and splashing too. She loved playing with the various toys and I used the scoop to fill the funnels so she could watch the water wheels move around. Yes her clothes were soaked after just 15 minutes but we had fun. So much fun that I let her play in it again yesterday morning too and we’ll probably get it out later today to show daddy how much fun it is.

waterplayI hope we will use this table lots over the summer. It is a sand and water table but for the moment we don’t have any plans to put any sand in. Right now Poppet is happy enough with just water but when she is a little older I hope to put things like cloud dough and other sensory materials in it for her. It’s lovely to see her so happy and excited as she plays with the water toys or just splashes in the water (and rides on her smartrike). I have to be honest, all the toys she has inside rarely get played with, they just don’t seem to hold her attention and she prefers to crawl or cruise around the furniture. These outdoor toys however really make her smile, laugh and hold her attention.
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