Personalised my daddy, Peppa pig book review

IMG_0165I recently got the chance to review a personalised Peppa pig, my daddy book from Penwizard. This is a great little book for children who are fans of Peppa pig and would make a great fathers day present. Read on to find out more about creating the personalised book and what we thought of it.

The Penwizard website is easy to navigate and ordering our personalised book only took a few minutes. For the my daddy book you type in your child’s name, a personalised message for the recipient (printed on the first page inside the book) and then personalise the child and daddy character used throughout the book. For the child you select a girl or boy character and then you have a choice of hair style and colour. After that you choose your child’s skin colour, eye colour and there is the option to add glasses. Next up you personalise the daddy in the book with a choice of 8 hair styles (including bald), 6 hair colours (there is no grey but there is white available), then you can add a beard from a choice of 9 (from no beard, different types of stubble and different shaped full beards). After this you can add sideburns and moustaches if you like and finally choose their skin, eye colour and whether they wear glasses.

It takes only a few minutes to choose from these options and then you simply add the book to your shopping basket and check out (which is simple and quick to do). Whilst I was on the website I had a look at some of the other books that they sell. As well as a number of Peppa pig books there are Ben and Holly, Noddy, Roary the racing car and Fifi and the flowertots. There is also the option for your child to be a wizard, footballer, medieval knight or medieval princess. Of course they also sell a personalised christmas story featuring your child. I also noticed they have just started selling Lost my name book which I review last year. I can not recommend lost my name book highly enough, it’s a gorgeous book.IMG_0169

I ordered the Peppa pig book on a friday and it arrived the following Wednesday which I thought was very efficient (I was told to expect 5-7 days). My Daddy is a hard backed book with a high gloss cover and the inner pages are a lovely heavyweight paper quality. It is only 18cm square so perfect for little hands. Your child’s name is on every page (I’ve blurred Poppet’s real name out in the photos) which I am sure when Poppet is a bit older she will love. IMG_0172

The book is about Peppa pig, her best friend (your child) and their daddies. Peppa and your child are telling each other all about their daddies, such as how Peppa’s daddy is very good at planning DIY but your childs daddy is not very good at doing DIY (so true in our house). Other examples include exercise, trips to the seaside and reading (news and bedtime stories). The pictures are lovely and colourful and there is just the right amount of text on each page for toddlers. We love this book already but I am sure once Poppet is a bit older she will love being the star of the book and being friends with Peppa pig.

My daddy is available from Penwizard for £14.99 plus £2.50 postage. This seems expensive for a kids book but for a personalised book this book is very competitively priced. It would make a lovely fathers day present for the daddy of any Peppa pig fans.

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Disclosure – I was kindly sent a personalised copy of this book in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, as are the photographs.


Bing: Something for Daddy, review

IMG_0149Last week we were kindly sent a copy of the latest relaunched book from the Bing bunny series by Ted Dewan. Before I was approached to review this book I was not familiar with this author or series of books so I did a bit of research. I discovered that the book I was sent ‘something for daddy’, is one of 8 books from the Bing bunny series. These books are aimed at toddlers and parents as they focus on the dynamic between them as they experience the ups and downs of everyday life with a toddler. The basic story line of each book is that whatever happens, it’s not big deal, it’s just a Bing thing.

IMG_0144When I first received this book I was pleased to see the illustrations were brightly coloured and there wasn’t too much text on each page. Poppet is 12 months old and this is exactly the sort of book she is drawn to at the moment (that and books with textures, flaps or sounds). If there is too much text on a page, I struggle to read it all to her before she loses interest and tries to turn the page (not always in the right direction).

IMG_0155 IMG_0159In this book, Bing is making something for his daddy using shiny things, feathers, sparkles and goo. The picture gets a bit more gooey than planned, but that’s no big thing, daddy will love it anyway because it’s a Bing thing. I love that this book depicts a typical craft session with a toddler, the picture might not come out as planned but to the toddler and parent it will still be a work of art to be treasured. My daughter brought her first painting home from nursery last week and it has had pride of place on the fridge ever since. I know there will be many more works of art to treasure in the future.

IMG_0145 IMG_0033 IMG_0163We’ve read this book a few times now and it keeps her attention well. In fact she has been known to pick this book up if it is within reach and look at the pictures (sometimes they are upside down but she doesn’t seem to care). I love the attention to detail in this book such as the first page that encourages your child to write their name in the book (although most children that this book is aimed at will be too young to do this themselves) and also the final page which asks what the readers favorite things to make things with is. I really feel that Ted Dewan has successfully created a book that toddlers will love and I am sure that we will read this book many times over the coming months and years. I will also be keeping an eye out for more books in this fun series. I’ve also heard a rumour that Bing will be making his tv debut later in the year.

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Disclosure – I was kindly sent a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as are the photographs.

300 picture book update

Untitled-1 It’s been 3 weeks since I shared a children’s book post with you all and this means that it is also 3 weeks since I update you on our progress in the 300 picture book challenge. I can assure you that this is not because we are not reading new picture books but because I have been too busy to photograph and blog a book review. I plan to get back to sharing book reviews and joining in with ‘what we’re reading’ but this week this is just going to be an update on the challenge to get me back on track.

Over the last three weeks we have read 13 new books. This has included a few new books that Poppet was given for her birthday and a few trips to our local library. My favorites in this update are Hooray for bread, stuck and peekaboo bunny. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a book review or two (maybe it will be one of these books).Untitled-2Number of new books since last update – 13
Total number of books read this year – 125/300

As always you can find the full list of what we have read so far (and a brief review of each) on my pinterest board.

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Moon rabbit – what we’re reading

IMG_9137I picked this book up for the bargain price of 20p at a second hand book stall a few months back. I’d never seen or heard of the book before but in that brief flick through, something told me this would be a great addition to my daughters collection (and at 20p what could I lose?). The illustrations are charming, beautiful and pretty without being pink. I imagined reading it at bed time, to my little girl as she grows up. There isn’t too much text on each page either. Just the right amount, before Poppet decides to turn the page.IMG_9122Little rabbit loves living in the city but one night she looks up at the moon and begins to wonder if there is someone out there just like her. Someone she can have fun with. Then one night she meets brown rabbit in the park. The two rabbits become good friends and for a while, little rabbit forgets about her life in the city. IMG_9112IMG_9114

One night however, little rabbit sees her beautiful city glowing in the distance and becomes home sick. The next day she returns to the city and continues to enjoy living there. She is no longer lonely though as brown rabbit visits her in the city.

IMG_9120A really sweet story about friendship. Although I enjoy reading it to Poppet now at almost 12 months old, I’m sure it is one that will get more enjoyable as she grows up.

If you want more ideas for spring/Easter reads, have a look at my Easter gift guide, that I published on Tuesday or this great post from life and times of mummy Morkus has some more suggestions. I can also recommend some previous ‘what we’re reading’ choices such as Oh dear!, Animal homes and Farmyard hullabaloo. I’d love to hear your recommendations for spring reads in the comments.

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Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading300 picture book challenge

This week we have read 6 new books. We had another trip to the library and picked up a few more books including a couple of great ones from Oliver Jeffers (I think I love these more than Poppet at the moment). As always you can find the full list of what we have read so far (and a brief review of each) on my pinterest board.

17april-300pbsNumber of new books this week – 6
Total number of books read this year – 112/300

Baby’s very first big play book – what we’re reading

IMG_8986I was instantly drawn to this book by the bright colours. There are only a few words on each page and there certainly isn’t any kind of story to the book. Instead each page has simple, bright and colourful illustrations, lift the flaps, cut out bits showing part of the page before or after and lots of textures. Down the side there are a selection of buttons to press that play different sounds/tunes.

IMG_8993Most days, after my daughter has had her nap we curl up on the sofa and explore this book whilst she comes round from her nap. She loves to lift the flaps and run her fingers over the different textures on the page. She seems mesmerised by the sounds and usually has a big smile on her face.

IMG_8998 She seems to be particularly drawn to this purple furry tummy of an owl. She likes to run her fingers through it and giggle which I find so cute to watch.IMG_8997Although I usually prefer books with a story, I like this book for letting my little girl be in charge. Since there is no story I’m happy to let her turn the pages in any direction she likes and she seems to love the freedom.

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300 picture book challenge
I’m happy to say we seem to be starting to read book more and more again. Before and after nap time seem good times to read books together. Before to try to get her to nap and after as she likes a sleepy cuddle whilst she comes round. We had a trip to the library last week and we discovered the new books shelf! We came home with quiet a collection of beautiful new books. I’ll be looking on that shelf first next time we visit the library.
Untitled-2Number of new books this fortnight –  11
Total number of books read this year – 106/300

Oh dear! – what we’re reading

IMG_8588We love Rod Campbell’s Dear zoo, so when I spotted oh dear! in the sale in our local book shop, I quickly snapped up a copy.

IMG_8591Oh dear! is another fun, lift the flap book. It is similar to dear zoo in many ways but this time the animals are farm animals. As with dear zoo there is lots of repetition and the story is simple.

IMG_8595Buster is staying on his grandma’s farm, when one morning she sends him to collect the eggs for breakfast. The only problem is Buster seems to have forgotten which animal lays eggs. So he visits various farm animals until he remembers that he will find eggs in the hen house.

IMG_8598There are lots of opportunities to learn about farm animals, such as what noises they make and where they live on a farm (hen house, sty, barn etc). We love this book already and just like dear zoo, I can see us reading it for many years to come.

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Damson Lane
300 picture book challenge
Since I was ill last week, this is an update of the books we have read this past 2 weeks. Poppet has been ill for most of the past two weeks and as such, has not been on the move quiet as much. We’ve had a few days where she has been happy to sit and read books for more than 30 seconds so I have made the most of it! As always you can find the full list of what we have read so far (and a brief review of each) on my pinterest board.
Untitled-1Number of new books this fortnight – 8

Total number of books read this year – 95/300

Peep inside animal homes – what we’re reading

IMG_8424I spotted this book in the library and although Poppet, at 10 months, is too young to really appreciate this book, it found its way home with us anyway.

IMG_8441I fell in love with the beautiful illustrations and I’m a sucker for lift the flap books (well any clever, interactive children’s books really). The illustrations are so detailed and I love all the cut out bits that use something on the next page as part of the illustration on the current page. Every time I pick it up I notice something new.

IMG_8452The book teaches children about animal habitats; from farms to woodlands and deserts to snow. Without even realising, young readers will learn about where animals live and other details such as tadpoles grow in to frogs and bees live in hives and make honey.

animal houses

Click on the image to enlarge and really appreciate the detail

For the moment, I am reading it to Poppet and pointing things out in the pictures. She is enjoying lifting the flaps and turning the chunky pages. I will be buying a copy for my daughter when she is a bit older and I look forward to helping her learn about animals through this book.

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Damson Lane
300 picture book challenge
Another slow week this week for reading new books but Poppet was sick from Friday afternoon onwards. As always you can find the full list of what we have read so far (and a brief review of each) on my pinterest board.
Untitled-2Number of new books this week – 3
Total number of books read this year – 87/300