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IMG_0199This weeks photo is a very simple one. Poppet is at that stage that all babies go through where she is fascinated by the washing machine. She has been for a while but this is the first time I have had my camera on hand and managed to get a good photo. I couldn’t decide between the two photos so have included them both.IMG_0196living arrows



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IMG_0139Last week saw a big change for me & Poppet. I went back to work three days a week and she started at nursery. She had 2, two hour settling in sessions the week before and unbelievably she did not get upset at all (the same can not be said for me however). Each day I returned to find her sat in a high chair eating lunch and the staff all told me how independent and confident she is. These settling in sessions did help me a little but I still worried about leaving her on my first day back at work, after all 9 hours is a lot longer than 2.

Monday morning came around all too fast and I dropped her off at nursery before heading in to work. Again there were no tears, in fact when we were outside the baby room and she saw one of the staff, her arms and legs started waving around (her way of showing excitement). Sure enough, I kissed her goodbye and put her on the floor and she was soon off exploring the room and toys. I rang once during the day and was told she was doing really well but I still worried that come nap time she would be inconsolable. I arrived to pick her up at 5:30 to be told that she had managed the whole day with no tears (some shouting in protest at nap time but that was all and that is normal for Poppet).She’s done two full days now and has been absolutely fine. I still can’t quiet believe it. The staff tell me she has settled in the best they have seen. Many of my friends have told me how it has taken weeks for their babies to settle at nursery and I was expecting tears when I left her in a morning at least. However I am so proud of how well she has settled and it did make it a lot easier to leave her on her second day as I was not worrying so much. I just hope that this isn’t the calm before the storm and she continues to be happy there.

One of the things I was looking forward to about Poppet going to nursery was her bringing home pictures she has made there. I wasn’t expecting it so soon but when I arrived to collect her on her first full day I was given this picture and also a chocolate rice krispie cake that they had made. I’ve been meaning to do her hand and foot prints again but it is one of those things I never quiet get round to. This picture now has pride of place on the fridge and it makes me smile every time I see it.

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IMG_9804This weeks photo is another photo taken in the soft play area on our day out for Poppet’s first birthday last Monday (You can read all about it here). I love soft play areas for taking photos because of all the colours. I have a beautiful one of her in the ball pool, looking right at the camera smiling. In this one it looks like she has fallen asleep but she didn’t fall asleep until she was safely in the car but she was so active in soft play it wouldn’t have surprised me if she had fallen asleep in there. I can’t believe a week has passed already. This time next week I will be in the middle of my first day back at work after over 12 months maternity leave!

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IMG_9459Sorry my Living arrows photo is a day late again. Yesterday was Poppet’s birthday and we had a busy day as well as a busy weekend. I’ll be back later in the weekend with more posts about her party, birthday and the birthday cake I made. This weeks living arrows photo had to be of her birthday cake from her party on Sunday.

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IMG_9276We had a lovely long Easter weekend away in Anglesey. I have lots more photos so I hope to sit down and find some time to write about our Easter and share more photos before the weekend. My living arrows this week is a little late due to being away and then getting home and a long with unpacking and doing all the washing etc I have a party and 1st birthday to organise for this weekend. I’ve got my mum staying at the minutes as well. Here is a photo of my baby enjoying her first trip to the beach. living arrows

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IMG_8898living arrowsYesterday we had a joint first birthday party for all 8 of the babies from my postnatal group. I feel so lucky to have met this group of mums and stayed in contact so much after our 4 weeks of nhs classes. We continued to meet up most Mondays until very recently when the majority were back at work (I’m the last one to go back in May). We still stay in touch and go out for meals (leaving the babies with their dads) every couple of months and I hope these new friendships last for many years to come. Yesterday we gathered together (and introduced all the dads to each other for the first time) to celebrate our babies turning one. There was soft play, finger food (which was practically messy play) and pass the parcel. Much fun was had by all and we all left shattered and ready for naps (not just the babies!). I still can’t believe my baby is one in three weeks.

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