Children’s books

IMG_8012I love reading and since having my daughter last year, I have developed a new found love of children’s books. Together we are rediscovering my childhood favorites and discovering lots of fabulous new ones too. I publish a book review most weeks on the blog.

Find all my children’s book reviews here.

I am taking part in Child-led chaos’ 300 picture book challenge. Mainly because I love discovering new books so much, rather than because I think my daughter needs that much variety at this age. If we don’t make it to 300 this year I would not be bothered but I am glad that I have a record of all the books we are reading. I am using pinterest to keep track of all the books we read so you can follow along here.

I have a few pinterest boards related to children’s books that you might like to follow listed below.

Children’s books

Children’s book insprired activities

Learning through play – Literacy

300 picture book challenge




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