Science scarecrow trail

IMG_0097IMG_0105A town not too far from us is having their annual festival at the moment. There is a mixture of science, art, music and sport on over the next couple of weeks. Most of the events are aimed at older children however for the whole of the festival there are a number of scarecrows and art exhibitions & open studios dotted around the town open on the weekends.The scarecrows are themed around 50 years of biomedical science. IMG_0096


This was one of my favorite scarecrows – human genome sequenced.

IMG_0101It was a gorgeous, hot and sunny day last Sunday. We packed a picnic and decided to head over and have a bit of a look round. We had a lovely walk around the town spotting the scarecrows and visiting a few art exhibitions. Poppet enjoyed her first picnic in the park. Not that she ate much. I wasn’t sure if it was because there was too much going on around her or if she just doesn’t like sandwiches (she never eats sandwiches if I try to give her them). You can imagine my surprise when I pick her up from nursery the following day to be told they had a picnic in the park and Poppet ate plenty of sandwiches! Anyway back to the festival (although if anyone has any ideas for picnic food for a 12 month old I’d be glad of some more ideas).

IMG_0122 IMG_0103I love visiting this particular town, even when there isn’t a festival on. It’s just such a lovely, pretty town with lots of nice walks. There is the park in the center of town, several nice playgrounds, a canal and several other walking routes such as a former railway.

Scarecrow trails are great for families. Walking is much more enjoyable for children when they are distracted. Children will love spotting the scarecrows and trying to identify/guess what they are. Older children can practice map reading (if there is a map of the scarecrow trail, like there was in our case) to locate the scarecrows. Younger children (like Poppet) will just enjoy the colours and being out in the fresh air (Poppet also enjoyed an hours nap in her pram).

Below are a selection of photos of some of the scarecrows. Most of the scarecrows were made by local children, from primary school up to high school age but a few were done by local artists.


First heart, lung and liver transplant. First functioning laser.


Artificial heart. Beta blockers used in cardiovascular medicine. Prions discovered to be the cause of mad cow disease. Molecular structure of insulin discovered.


First test tube baby born


First test tube baby born

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



A trip to the farm

IMG_8663IMG_8648  A couple of months back we noticed a sign appear at the side of the main road in to our town for a kids mini farm. We often said we should stop and have a look but either the weather was bad, we were rushing somewhere or other or our baby was asleep. Today the weather was glorious, mild and sunny, so we decided to make a trip out to the farm. IMG_8655IMG_8678IMG_8682 Right off the main road, with easy parking, is this small farm. There were lots of chickens, a few goats, a donkey (set back from the viewing area though so we couldn’t get close) and some sheep. Although it was very small, it was perfect for our 11 month old to spend a bit of time looking at the animals.IMG_8649IMG_8666She smiled and flapped her arms and legs in excitement when the sheep and goats came up to her (at the other side of a fence of course) and often tried to reach out to them. She also happily watched the chickens moving around in there enclosure. We were really lucky to time our visit to see a two day old lamb. You can find a photo of the lamb with my baby here as my living arrows photo for the week. IMG_8651IMG_8634This little farm was just the perfect size for the short attention span of an 11 month old. What’s more it is free and right on our main route in and out of town. I am sure we will be stopping many more times this spring/summer to watch our daughters interest in the farm animals develop as she grows. Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall