Christmas wishlist for baby

This is my entry to be considered to be part of the Toy Toad Tester Team run by The Toadstool. As you have probably gathered from the blog I love to support Great British products and services (from handmade artists to bigger companies and bloggers through Friday finds) and I believe that The Toadstool fits well with my blog values. The Toadstool, is an online toy shop selling high quality, beautifully designed, ecologically friendly toys that are both educational and truly special. These are all the qualities I look for in toys for my baby. Yes she has a few plastic toys that require batteries but my preference is for wood over plastic every time. I love toys that look beautiful enough to be displayed when they are not in use (rather than hidden in a toy box) and I am a lover of bright colours. My little girl is 8 months this Christmas so my wishlist is a mixture of toys that she will love now and some that she will appreciate over the next 12 month (as there are only so many toys that an 8 month old needs).

toadstool-wishlist11. Haba discovery puzzle stable of Bethlehem. I think wooden jigsaw puzzles are an essential in every toy box. My baby will be getting a few but this is no ordinary wooden puzzle. This nativity one would make the perfect addition to our advent box so that we could use it to share the Christmas story with our little girl for many years to come. I also love the Haba first nativity set too.

2. Haba wooden clutching toy pixie. Clutching toys are just perfect for my baby right now and I love this beautiful and colourful one from Haba. It includes a bell which I know she will adore.

3. Haba Big Sound Workshop. I’ve been taking baby to a music class for the last 3 months and she has loved it. I’d love to get her a set just like this to use at home. The toy says it is for 2+ but we have been using similar instruments in our class (as well as full size triangles and symbols) so I know that under supervision she would love most of these instruments already.

4. Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks. I’ve seen these blocks around the internet quiet a bit and they were already on my wishlist for baby. I can see hours of fun being had building, listening to the different sounds, looking through the coloured blocks and generally exploring them.

5. Reversible Snow White puppet by Lilliputiens. You all know how much I love children’s books so it will come as no surprise that a couple of toys that will help books to be truly magical made it to my wishlist. I can’t wait to share fairy tales with my little girl and this adorable puppet will really help make them truly magical. It’s suitable from 9 months so I’m sure she will adore it as a doll straight away but I can see it being loved for many years to come as she uses it in creative play and to act out the story, snow white.

toadstool-wishlist26. Lolliputiens wolf hand puppet with 3 little pigs finger puppets and their houses. Another great puppet based toy to help bring the magic of books alive for young children.  Again I can see this toy being used in many different ways to engage my daughter with learning through play for many years to come.

7. Haba my first ball track. Another great wooden toy from Haba. This one is suitable from 12 months and helps toddlers improve their motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving skills, all without realising.

8. Haba building blocks sevilla. Every toddler needs a set of building blocks but this set of blocks is unique. They are colourful, uniquely shaped, textured and some include sounds. Perfect on their own or combined with a more basic set of wooden blocks.

9. Janod Musical Spinning Top Carousel. I’ve been on the look out for a spinning top like I had as a child for baby and this one is just perfect. I’m sure she would love watching the colours spin round and round.

10. Haba large playset at the zoo. I love playsets for allowing little ones to play imaginatively. This beautiful one from Haba willl help my daughter learn about animals as she plays freely with it. It also includes a booklet with ideas for fun games for toddlers to play with it in a more structured way. I love that the zoo building is also the storage container for keeping all the parts together and also for easy transport which is idea for us when we are visiting family.

You can also find my wishlist on pinterest too.