The Lullaby Trust

21973117-F24A-4FB6-AB56-05B52D5F091F-8647-00000ADE3CC12458_zps47e8c51fOne of my intentions when starting the blog was to showcase what is available for families in the UK. I wanted to showcase UK hand made artists, photographers, products and locations aimed at families. Today I would like to highlight a charity that has been supporting families in the UK for 40 years. The charity was formally none as The Foundation for Study of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (FSID) and yesterday it relaunched as The Lullaby Trust. One of the reasons they have changed their name is to ensure that sudden infant death is not ignored and considered an issue of the past.

Each year over 600 apparently healthy babies die suddenly and unexpectedly in the UK. The lullaby trust not only funds research in to reducing the risk of sudden infant death, they provide advice on how to reduce the risk of sudden infant death (find their advice here), they help to support bereaved families through this devastating time and they work within the NHS to support bereaved parents through their programme Care Of the Next Infant (CONI), both before and after the birth of future children. To find out more about The Lullaby Trust, please visit their website.

The hope is that by changing their name to The Lullaby Trust, they will be able to reach out to even more parents as they believe their new name communicates warmth, trust and compassion. It is also a simpler name to remember and illustrates their commitment to promote safer sleep for babies to all families.

The Lullaby Trust have been working closely with one UK parent blogger, Jennie from Edspire, who tragically lost her baby Matilda Mae to SIDS just nine weeks ago, to help spread the news of the relaunch. Jeannie has asked bloggers to share the news and link up blog posts on the theme of lullabies. If you would like to read more of these posts, please visit this page on Edspire to see all the bloggers who have linked up.


Here is my contribution on the theme of lullabies.


Both me and my husband are book lovers and have already bought a few books for our baby who is due in a few weeks. I love children’s books, both the classics I remember from my own childhood and discovering some of the new ones. I always planned to share some of my favorites on the blog and a post on the theme of lullabies seems the perfect time to share this collection of nursery rhymes and lullabies. This is a board book so perfect for little hands and includes 16 nursery rhymes and lullabies. Most of them I remember well from my own childhood and don’t need the book for the words but I fell in love with this book, as each double page spread includes beautiful illustrations based on the lullaby. I cannot wait to snuggle up with our little one at bedtime, looking at the pictures and reading or singing the words.

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